The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, chaired today the act to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Statute of Andalusia and claimed the "real and credible" alternative of the Andalusian PP after these ten years of Statute.

Moreno analyzed the current political situation and stated that "we believe in Andalusia, in its enormous potential, in an unbeatable future." We believe in an Andalusia that continues to contribute to the common project of Spain”.

In this sense, the leader of the Andalusian PP was convinced of the role of Andalusia as a "counterweight to any sovereignist challenge." "The future -he affirmed- is not to break Spain, but to take advantage of the opportunities that the State of Autonomies offers us."

Juanma Moreno stressed that the compass of the Andalusian PP "always marks the path of dialogue and has the same destiny as opportunities for Andalusians." She recalled the dialogue that "we offer permanently to join forces and not waste more time."

The president of the PP-A recalled the "many months of work" that the agreement for the Autonomy Statute cost, "months of effort, sleeplessness and always with an outstretched hand. The scenario was not easy because some gave themselves up to a historic opportunity, others put up obstacles to get political gain.

Moreno affirmed that “more than despite some, this Statute ended up being a good Statute thanks to the PP. It was the PP that redirected a situation that was very detrimental to us and that, despite the attempt by some to isolate us, did not give up reaching agreements thinking of the general interest.