• He remembers his compromise offer on budgets and regrets that he has failed to comply with Early Care, Pediatric Palliative Care and prefabricated classrooms.

• "The pride passes like a steamroller over the illusions of the Andalusians"

• Accuses Díaz of "boycotting" the agreement on 35 hours in "a global strategy with Pedro Sánchez"

• Transfers its support to the Police, the Civil Guard and the Andalusians living in Catalonia: "They have to feel the encouragement and affection of the Andalusian institutions"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, today reproached Susana Díaz for the lack of dialogue on the Andalusian budget for 2018 and for turning the initiatives approved by Parliament into a waste of paper because "she likes anger and confrontation". She added that "this not only reveals indifference to the problems, but also impoverishes democracy, calling into question the trust of Andalusians in their institutions."

Moreno regretted that Díaz has not launched initiatives that have been proven in the Chamber, such as the Andalusian Network of Pediatric Palliative Care, approved a year and a half ago. “These are children who need assistance 365 days a day, 24 hours a day, and they can't wait for you to fulfill your commitment,” he said.

He also alluded to the "inexplicable mistreatment" of Early Care, for which an increase of 25 million euros was approved for 2018 and "he has betrayed them again by taking 17 million from them", which he described as "insensitivity and turning his back on the most vulnerable Andalusians”.

The president of the Andalusian PP recalled that in October 2015 it was approved to end the prefabricated classrooms and information from the government itself indicates that there are 230 classrooms left in 132 centers and that this year new prefabricated classrooms have been installed in 20 centers.

He disgraced Díaz for "dispatching the offers of dialogue from the main opposition party with crude personal attacks, despising many Andalusians who trust in the PPA project." He assured that “arrogance passes like a steamroller over the illusions of the Andalusians, and it does not do it for ideological reasons but exclusively partisan ones. In this sense, he pointed out that "his facts about him show that 'with the PP nor dead' doing what he criticizes."


Moreno affirmed that Díaz "has a trunk full of delays, deceptions and betrayals", for which he promised to create when he governs a Legislative Evaluation Commission that is accountable for compliance with the approved initiatives and the government's commitments.

He added that Díaz "no longer has the credibility to do so because he flies over reality and comes to Parliament every 15 days to throw jokes and clichés to achieve the easy applause of his bench, which can motivate you but is of no use to Andalusia". He assured that "we are not in a playpen but in a Parliament", for which he demanded that Díaz "take the Presidency, this control session and this Parliament seriously."


The president of the Andalusian PP referred at the beginning of his speech to the situation in Catalonia and "the attacks, escraches and insults to the national police and civil guards, many of them Andalusian". "They have to know," he said, "that we are with them because they are suffering these attacks for defending us all, for defending our democracy and for defending Spain."

He also expressed his support for "the citizens who are standing up to defend the rule of law and the Constitution" and referred to the Andalusians who live in Catalonia, who "have to feel the encouragement and affection of the Andalusian institutions". .

He affirmed that "it is not a time for disapproval or fissures, but for unity, to support State institutions and to defend our democracy."