• Remember that "I have offered dialogue without conditions" and regrets that "there is no capacity for dialogue and arrogance hovers over their decisions"

• "The lack of convergence and competitiveness is linked to legal uncertainty and a confiscatory fiscal model used to stay in power"

• He affirms that the PSOE and Cs agreement on inheritance "has a locked cat"

• Warns about the "overvaluation" of inheritances and calls on the Andalusian government to clarify whether "it is going to turn Andalusians into millionaires"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today challenged Susana Díaz to "have the courage to defend in the Chamber the budget that she has not wanted to negotiate." Moreno urged Díaz to debate with him on the Parliament rostrum about the accounts for 2018 and "show that she believes they are good for Andalusia." She reproached that she does not have the capacity for dialogue and that "arrogance hovers over all decisions."

The president of the Andalusian PP recalled that "for ten days he was offered a dialogue without conditions" and pointed out the "virulent and disproportionate reaction" of socialism. He insisted on the willingness of the PPA to "look for meeting points with transfers from both parties to enable a better budget", although he clarified that "we are not going to give a blank check and there can only be an agreement if there are far-reaching reforms, which It is not possible due to the immobility of the PSOE”.

Moreno pointed out that the budget “is continuous, it does not attend to the great problems of Andalusians nor does it contain the structural reforms that Andalusia needs.


The president of the Andalusian PP participated today together with the PP Vice-Secretary for Studies and Programs, Andrea Levy, in a Forum on Inheritance and Donations Tax in which he denounced that the agreement between PSOE and Citizens on this tax has "cat locked up" . He stated that the Andalusian government has refused to provide information on "the fine print" of the agreement.

Juanma Moreno pointed out that the agreement raises doubts because they first said that it would mean a decrease of 85 million euros in the budget but when the accounts have arrived they are less than 40 million. She asked if this difference means "that they have not told us the whole truth and the data was consciously inflated but the drop is not as much as they announced to us."

On the other hand, he pointed to the "overvaluation of the Andalusian heritage" and demanded that the Andalusian government clarify whether it wants to "turn Andalusians who inherit a small heritage into millionaires, overvaluing it so that it exceeds one million euros, which would mean a new injustice ”. Thus, he recalled the case of a family from Jerez who inherited a small hotel that was valued at more than one million euros and when they could not pay the tax and auctioned it, they only obtained 130.000 euros.

He called for "an in-depth reform of the tax model in Andalusia", since he pointed out that the lack of convergence and competitiveness is "intimately linked to legal uncertainty and a confiscatory tax model that has been used by socialist governments to stay in power and not to improve the lives of citizens”. In this tax reform, Moreno alluded to the 99% discount on the inheritance and donation tax, the reduction of the regional section of personal income tax and the downward update of the transmission tax.