• He believes that there is a possibility of an agreement with Ciudadanos and "it would be a blow" if they gave continuity to 40 years of socialist governments
• Highlights the support of the entire national PP in the Seville Convention
• "Díaz must ask Sánchez to unblock the boycott of the Budgets and then negotiate the Autonomous Financing"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, referred today at the PP National Convention to the upcoming electoral campaign for the regional elections and stated that "we went out to win, without complexes, so that there is a new government in Andalusia."

Moreno was convinced of the "tangible" possibility of a post-electoral agreement, for the first time, for a political change in Andalusia. "There are many possibilities that an arithmetic sum can be given that makes possible a political change in Andalusia."

The popular leader described as a "blow" that Ciudadanos could once again give the government to the PSOE "if they added 55 deputies with us, no one would understand that they would continue 40 years of socialist government."

On the other hand, Moreno referred to Autonomous Financing and the future meeting with Mariano Rajoy to present him with the agreement of the majority of the political forces in Andalusia. "I hope that Susana Díaz -he affirmed- takes advantage of the trip that she is going to make to Madrid so that she meets Pedro Sánchez and asks him for two things: the first that he unblock the boycott of the Budgets, and the second, that he start negotiating with the PP the regional financing model. The meeting with Rajoy will be of no use if his party does not start a new round of negotiations with the national PP to reach an agreement”.

Juanma Moreno was very satisfied with the role of the Andalusian PP in the National Convention, which reflects the "presence and strength" of the PP-A when it comes to making decisions in this party. "The PP of Spain pays a lot of attention to Andalusia, that is why we have been the first to present our candidates to the municipal elections and that is why the convention is held here," he concluded.