• "Our community has to be the Bavaria of Germany with economy, productivity, future and well-being"
• Criticizes that the Council of Ministers has not made any announcement for Andalusia
• He affirms that Susana Díaz has gone from being a "lioness" with the PP in the Government to being a "little lamb" with Pedro Sánchez
• Indicates that the change can only come from the hand of the PP, which is the only party that has been the containment dam against the policies of the PSOE.

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno has promised today to generate employment and opportunities for Andalusians if he is elected president of the Junta de Andalucía and to make a fiscal revolution that will put our community in terms of taxes and in fiscal terms at the same level than other communities like Madrid.

In addition, it has promised to turn Andalusia into the locomotive of Spain, to end the Inheritance and Gift Tax, to lower the transmission tax, and to reduce the income tax tranche. “We are going to lay out a red carpet for the investment to reach Andalusia. Our community has to be the Bavaria of Germany with economy, productivity, future and well-being”.

Moreno, who has participated together with the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, in the closing of the 23rd Inter-parliamentary of the PP that has been held these days in Seville, has shown himself proud of the national leadership of the PP and its president, Pablo Married, since, according to what he has said, he has known how to face the challenges of the future of Spain, at the same time that he has influenced that there are many who miss a PP government before which he has assured that Spain needs it and society he screams for it.

Moreno has affirmed that Andalusia is a formula one full of potential, talent and history and has stressed that it is impossible to think about the project of Spain without thinking about Andalusia, which has always played a very important role in the history of our country. .

“Andalusia is essential for the common and shared project of Spain. But despite being a formula one, we do not enjoy the progress and employment quotas that other communities have and this is the demonstration that the left and socialism is incompetent in management ”.

The Andalusian popular leader has stressed that Andalusian socialism has lost its ambition, respect for its voters and its neighbors with corruption and irregularities and news that stain the good name of Andalusia, while regretting that its leaders have lost harmony with their people and just want to stay in power at any cost.

In this sense, he has criticized that there is something that characterizes Andalusian socialism and it is the use that they always make of the institutions of all for the benefit of the party, something that, as he has pointed out, we have been able to see these days after the Council of Friday Ministers,

He regretted that at the meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Seville no measure was announced for Andalusia. Thus, he has regretted that after the floods in Malaga and Seville, these areas have not been declared catastrophic, nor have aid been announced for the people who have lost it.

Likewise, he stressed that it is also surprising that nothing was announced at that meeting about regional financing nor about the release of the toll between Seville and Cádiz, nor about the arrival of high-speed rail in Granada before the end of 2018, nor anything about the port of Motril, nor of the high speed to Almería.

"They have come to walk and enjoy Seville but they have not been able to announce a single commitment to our land."

The president of the popular Andalusians has wondered why he is silent when President Sánchez has announced that he is going to give an open bar so that the symbols that belong to everyone, such as the Spanish flag or our traditions and religions that we profess in the majority of the country, can whoever wants to insult when they want, how they want or where they want.

"Has Díaz told Sánchez that we don't like that in Seville the Macarena or the Cachorro are insulted? Has he told him that we don't like that with our traditions and symbols we don't like that they are insulted and they go unpunished? Has he told you that the fact that the Armed Forces cannot be at Holy Week in Andalusia, which they accompany and act as guard of honor and escort, is also part of this project? Has he told you that the flag of Andalusia and of Spain are the symbols that unite us and that we do not like to be trampled? Díaz must tell Sánchez that we do not like what they are doing in the Government.

In this way, he has affirmed that although Díaz acted like a whirlwind against the PP government for five months, he has gone from being a lioness to being a little lamb. "Where is Susana Díaz? Where is your genius and figure? How strong to attack the PP and how weak to attack the PSOE when it goes against the interests of Andalusia ”.

Moreno, who has indicated that the regional elections are five weeks away and that the desire for change is breathed in the streets, has referred to the white coat riots that are taking place in Andalusia and has addressed those professionals who are still on strike to tell him that "there are five weeks left until there is a new president of the Board who is going to make healthcare a quality service for Andalusians."

Thus, he has referred to Cs and has asserted that although this party was presented four years ago as the change and as the only possible alternative to the usual parties, ensuring that with them everything was going to change for the better, the only thing they have served for is to prop up the same socialist policies of forty years ago.

For this reason, he pointed out that in the last three years in Andalusia nothing has gone for the better, neither the public services nor the quality of life of Andalusians, and he pointed out that this is the result not only of the management of the PSOE in Andalusia but also of the management of Cs who have been governing our community for this time together with Susana Díaz.

Finally, he has added that if the Andalusians want a change in our community, it can only come from the hand of the PP, which is the only party that has been the dam of contention to the policies of the PSOE. “There is a solid, cohesive and mature project that is that of the Andalusian PP and that has had the test bench in the national government, in the town halls and in the councils. We have everything it takes. The PP is the party of the workers because we are the ones that create jobs”, he concluded.