The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured this Friday in Jaén that Susana Díaz "uses the debt of the Junta de Andalucía so that her fellow party members do not know that here, in Andalusia, there is a terrible health, educational and social management ”.

In the course of a public act with women in Jaén, in which the head of the Rural Ágora of the Andalusian PP, Maribel Lozano, and the Andalusian parliamentarians Ángeles Isac and Lina García have also intervened, Moreno has referred to the worrying increase in debt in Andalusia (8%) verified by the Chamber of Accounts.

The president of the Andalusian PP has indicated that all administrations have debts, but "there are debts and debts." "There are debts that make you progress, that are used to invest in instruments that generate employment and wealth, and there are debts that are absolutely useless," he assured.

“This second option is the path that the Board has taken. The government of Susana Díaz uses the debt of the Junta de Andalucía so that her fellow party members do not know that here, in Andalusia, there is a terrible health, educational and social management, ”said the president of the PP Andaluz.

Moreno has pointed out that in Andalusia “there is an incapable government, which wants us to resign ourselves. The message is 'this is what it is'. If your child doesn't have a job, if you're over 50 and can't find a job, if you have to wait six months for a diagnostic test, you put up with it. This is what it is. That is the message of the socialists in Andalusia”.
Moreno has assured that he believes in the talent and capacity of women, and has asked Andalusians for "a decisive role" in the transformation process of Andalusia.

Juanma Moreno has pointed out that the Andalusian PP is determined to "win the battle for real and effective equality, which is not a battle only for women but for all Andalusians". "In Andalusia -she added-, women are discriminated against twice: once for being a woman and another time for being Andalusian".

Juanma Moreno recalled the huge gap between Andalusia and Spain in terms of female unemployment (31 percent in Andalusia compared to the 20 percent national average), and the gap that separates men and women from our community, where there are 6 points more unemployment in Andalusian women than in men. This discrimination also occurs in salaries: women earn almost 26% less than men, €6.000 less, for the same work.

Moreno has also complained that the Andalusian government does not put "all the meat on the grill against gender violence" and, in fact, the victim assistance program is unexecuted by 81 percent of its budget. “We are tired of so much talk. We want facts ”, he assured.

Faced with this reality, the Andalusian PP proposes moving towards equality, renouncing complacency and addressing the issue from unity. “The first thing will be to combat unemployment, especially female unemployment, which is clearly suffocating and which means that women do not have an instrument of personal autonomy and resources so that they do not have to depend on any man”, he stated.

Moreno has insisted on the need to agree on an Andalusian Pact against Gender Violence, as is already being done at the national level. "Why in Andalusia we cannot reach an agreement, if we have full powers in assistance policy and even in matters of protection through the regional and local police forces?" He said.

The president of the Andalusian PP has called for social intervention against gender violence and has assured that when the Andalusian PP governs in the Junta “we will promote a one-stop shop to prevent victims from having to explain their situation in each public administration.

“It is not a question of acronyms but of people. Real equality between men and women is well worth everyone's agreement", said Juanma Moreno, who has also opted to face it "from all areas, touching many keys to eliminate all kinds of inequality".