• "We are going to give our all so that there is a political change in the Valencian Community and in La Moncloa"
• Compare Zapatero's Plan E with Sánchez's “social Fridays”, “public money for the electoral campaign”
• Sánchez is going to reinstate us in the economic crisis as Zapatero already did
The president of the Andalusian PP and president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, participated today in Valencia in a public act together with the candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Isabel Bonig. In the act he showed the "parallels" that he sees between Susana Díaz and the socialist candidate Ximo Puig and concluded that he "will also end up in the opposition, like Díaz", after the next elections of the April 28.

Moreno recalled that both political leaders "hit a monumental milk" in their party's primaries and also had a "very strong" attitude to claim regional financing when the president was Mariano Rajoy. "The motion of censure arrived and they fell silent." The two socialist leaders brought forward the regional elections for "exclusively personal interests" and ended by announcing that an identical end awaits them after the elections.

The president of the Andalusian PP affirmed in the public act that "we are going to leave our skin" so that there is a political change in the Valencian Community and in La Moncloa. "In these elections we cannot look the other way, we have to get rid of the caste and if we have achieved it in Andalusia, it can also be a reality here."

The leader of the popular Andalusians compared Zapatero's Plan E with Pedro Sánchez's “social Fridays”, because both “use public money for the electoral campaign”. Moreno ventured that Sánchez "is going to reinstall us in the crisis, as Zapatero did, and the PP will have to come to our rescue again."