• Juanma Moreno recalls that the current financing model that Díaz criticizes was approved by Zapatero in agreement with ERC and against the PP

• Ask Díaz for explanations about the 10.000 million not invested since 2013; the 800 million returned for Active Employment Policies; and the extraordinary 835 million that have arrived with the PGE 2017

• "The PSOE's journey to the radical left has negative repercussions for Andalusia and Díaz lowers his head"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured today that the PP is going to defend "the best possible financing for Andalusia", but warned that "it is not only a matter of better financing, it is also necessary to know how to spend and manage those resources, and Susana Díaz has made it clear that she does not have that capacity to manage public resources”.

During his speech at the meeting of the Autonomous Executive Committee of the PP, which was held today in the Cordoba town of Pozoblanco, Moreno criticized the "performance" of the PSOE after the meeting yesterday of the CPFF. “The PSOE always complains about the financing model when the PP governs, but they did not do so when Zapatero agreed with the ERC on the current model, a harmful reform for Andalusia that the Andalusian PP warned about, which we voted against, and which It led us into a funding shortfall.”

He recalled that this reform approved by the socialist government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was "applauded" both by the former president of the Junta, José Antonio Griñán, and by Susana Díaz, "who did not say anything."

In addition, he criticized that Díaz is not giving explanations about how he manages the money of the Andalusians, since, he recalled, "since he governed in 2013, more than 10.000 million have been left without investing and he has returned 800 million that were for Active Employment Policies due to incapacity in management, in the community with the most unemployment”.

Moreno asked the Junta to end the confrontation and demanded institutional loyalty to the Government of Spain. "We have a government that in the most difficult moments, when the payrolls and basic services of Andalusians were at risk, launched financial aid mechanisms", while stressing that in the PGE of 2017 Andalusia has received an extraordinary 835 million so that the Board dedicates them to health, education and social policies.

Moreno announced that the PP will take initiatives to Parliament "to protect the interests of the Andalusians", at which point he asked the president of the Board to "take into account" the proposals and solutions proposed by the Andalusian PP.


He regretted that the president of the Junta continues "without digesting" his defeat in the PSOE primaries and that after this "resounding failure" he has launched a "cosmetic operation" to face the last two years of the legislature but "with the same always".

Juanma Moreno expressed his concern about "the journey of the PSOE to the radical left" with Pedro Sánchez as general secretary and its "negative repercussions" for Andalusia. She said that Sánchez's "obsession" with "competing with Podemos" is already conditioning the policies of the PSOE and that Susana Díaz "has gone from criticizing Sánchez's 'no is no' to putting herself at his service."

In this sense, he said that "on the first occasion that he could choose between Sánchez and Andalucía Díaz has abandoned the Andalusians", by "bowing his head" and accepting the position of the PSOE with the trade agreement with Canada. Support for this treaty, which has not had the votes of the PSOE, could mean that Andalusian companies increase their exports to Canada by 70 million euros per year”.

"I am concerned about the collateral damage of the PSOE's lurch in Spain and its repercussion in Andalusia," insisted the popular leader, who said that the plurinational Spain that Sánchez proposes "sounds like inequality, that we do not all have the same opportunities, and damage for the Andalusians.