• "Cs has gotten on a train that is running but has not supported the PPA proposals to subsidize 99% Inheritance Tax"

• Demands Díaz to explain "where is Andalusia in the nation of nations of Pedro Sánchez"

The vice secretary of Electoral, Studies and Programs of the Andalusian PP, Patricia Navarro, affirmed that the meeting between PSOE and Citizens on the reform of the inheritance and donations tax that "we have witnessed episodes like today many times and the reform has not arrived after two years of legislature because in these meetings there is a lot of noise and few nuts, a lot of announcement that goes nowhere”.

Navarro reproached both formations for meeting "excluding the PP, which has been the party that has promoted and has put all the meat on the grill to eliminate this tax." He recalled that since 2004 this proposal has been in the electoral programs of the PPA and that they have taken it to Parliament in 4 bills, 5 non-law proposals, one motion and amendments to all the CA budgets since 2005.

He also alluded to the citizen campaign carried out by the Andalusian PP in which more than 330.000 signatures have been collected and stated that "it has ceased to be a political proposal to be a citizen proposal, because the Andalusians want the tax to be reduced to 99 % as in other autonomous communities”.

Navarro pointed out to himself that "we have never received a positive response from the PSOE" and in reference to Ciudadanos he stated that "they have jumped on this train but we have never been able to count on their support, which shows that for Cs it is not a priority but they seek to hang themselves the medal ”.

He assured that from the Andalusian PP "we have refused to be part of the paripés and the theater that Susana Díaz has wanted to do with this tax and we have not wanted, like Cs, to cheat alone." In this sense, he stated that "they themselves have imposed deadlines and have given ultimatums to the Andalusian government, and they themselves have corrected themselves and have postponed the deadlines while so many thousands of Andalusian families continue to suffer this unfair tax and have to renounce their inheritance for not be able to meet the payment”.

"We do not want photos or headlines - he said - but rather that these families can inherit a flat or a small amount of money, because it is not a tax for the rich".

Navarro pointed out that they expect "responsibility, coherence, political height and forcefulness on the part of Cs, which has been supporting the Andalusian government for two years without complying with the counterpart it demanded" to support the government for two years.


On the other hand, the popular leader made reference to the statements by Pedro Sánchez about the existence of a 'nation of nations' and in which he equates Spain to communities such as Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia. Navarro affirmed that "they add to the string of occurrences and improvisations of the PSOE on a key issue" and asked "where Andalusia is in this model and with whom it has agreed".

He demanded that Díaz explain "this new concept that his party has come up with" and "what would be the financing model for Pedro Sánchez's nation of nations."

He considered that the PSOE is "a cage of shackles, there is not a day that it does not improvise and take unusual proposals out of its sleeve" and valued the serious approach of the president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, on the need for a national agreement between the PP and PSOE to achieve a new regional financing model.