• The Popular Group will present a PNL in Parliament to "join forces in the face of the challenge posed by the PSOE government of not paying the 1.350 million that belongs to the Andalusians"
• "If the Government can pay for electricity even though it is working, it can also pay the Autonomous Communities what corresponds to them so that they can assume their payments"
• "The PSOE has confused listeria with hysteria and has used the food crisis with the sole objective of causing damage, setting fire instead of providing solutions"
The parliamentary spokesman of the Andalusian Popular Party, José Antonio Nieto, has criticized that "to the most social budget in the history of Andalusia brought by the Government of Juanma Moreno, the socialist Executive of Pedro Sánchez and María Jesús Montero respond with the most crude and unfortunate that a Government of Spain has done since there is autonomy in our country ”.

Nieto has reported that in Parliament there will be a non-legal proposal in which it will be asked to "join forces" to face the "challenge posed by the Government of Sánchez" given its refusal to pay Andalusia the 1.350 million euros "that it they correspond to the Andalusians for this year's financing ”.

“It is not acceptable that a government that can pay for electricity, even though it is in office, does not pay the autonomous communities what corresponds to them so that they can also pay for electricity, health, the payroll of officials and other expenses in each one of its territories.

Nieto has indicated that the GPPA is going to defend in this parliamentary course "what worries the Andalusians the most" so that regional financing is maintained, which, "although scarce, is necessary to sustain the basic services of Andalusia."

As an example, he has given the approval by the Andalusian Government this week of an aid of 850 million for dependency policies that is sustained with regional financing. "Future policies like these are the ones that put Sánchez's refusal to pay Andalusia what corresponds to us at risk," he explained.

For this reason, the popular will ask the president of the Board in the next parliamentary plenary session on this matter and appreciate that the Minister of Finance will also appear at his own request, while recalling the need for Sánchez to convene the Minister of Fiscal Policy and Finance to seek a joint solution with all the Autonomous Communities, as the Andalusian President Juanma Moreno has claimed.


On the other hand, Nieto has lamented the attitude that the opposition has maintained, especially the PSOE, on the food crisis on listeria, which "has used it with the sole objective of doing harm." "The PSOE has confused listeria with hysteria."

In this sense, he has warned that there are two ways of approaching this situation, one as the Andalusian government has done "with transparency, responsibility and resolution of the problem", and another, like that of the socialist opposition "which has tried to use and abuse this crisis to throw himself into the bush using whatever it takes to do harm”.

The parliamentary spokesman has also regretted that Susana Díaz, "after a month of vacation, now comes half a day to set fire instead of providing solutions", stating how the PSOE of Andalusia "has ceased to be a party with a vocation for government".