• «The tax cut brings better management and zero euros for corruption and waste, guaranteeing the sustainability of the welfare state»
• Ensures that the "rancidest left" is in opposition because it has squandered public money, "something that should be politically sanctioned"
The parliamentary spokesman of the Andalusian Popular Party, José Antonio Nieto, has indicated that "Andalusia will go from being the leader in fiscal pressure and unemployment to having less taxes and more work", something that "represents a change of course and rhythm in the Andalusian economy that the most rancid left does not understand ».

"The tax cut that the Andalusian Government will make means better management, greater efficiency and zero euros for corruption and the waste of public resources" while "the sustainability of the welfare state is guaranteed."

Nieto has defended that "with an effective government you can have better public services with less taxes and with less fiscal pressure", which is why the Andalusians have put the PSOE in opposition, since "it has systematically broken its promises and has not understood a message that has a lot to do with what this tax revolution means.

Thus, he has blamed the previous socialist governments for "wasting public resources that come out of the pocket of all Andalusians, a mismanagement that should be politically sanctioned for the harm it creates for citizens."

«Because of many bad managers, Andalusia suffers from the image that in this autonomous community public money is wasted and misused, and one way to avoid it may be to include the fight against this mismanagement of public money in the Statute. of Autonomy”.