• The PPA highlights the dialogue of the Junta to "build bridges" and rejects the fact that the left wants to give Andalusians a blow by raising taxes again
• Regarding the health waiting lists, "those who did not give the necessary means to the professionals and hid thousands of Andalusians in an unfortunate way must apologize"

The parliamentary spokesman of the Andalusian Popular Party, José Antonio Nieto, has announced that his formation will accept "seven more amendments from the groups that had not signed the agreement to support these budgets", specifically PSOE and Adelante, "which will mean more than 7 million euros.

As he explained, these amendments "are fundamentally aimed at working on the most depressed areas of Andalusia, on rural areas and, especially, on women to facilitate their access to the labor market."

"The Andalusian Government is willing to incorporate these amendments, help to materialize the dialogue that has developed in Parliament and build bridges that take people who are in this situation out of marginality."

Thus, he stressed that "the tendency that existed to reject everything that came from the opposition" has been changed by the Andalusian Government and now "we are going to have expansive and social budgets that are born of a dialogue like never before » to which «all parliamentary groups have contributed something».
Nieto has offered opposition groups to join the "dialogue that is honestly offered to them" for the 2020 budgets that will begin to be discussed after the summer.

«I trust that this different attitude of the Junta government will also cause a different attitude in the opposition groups and that it will not happen as it has happened this year, where more than 90% of the amendments presented by PSOE and Adelante have been made to that they are not accepted and that does not make sense in an environment in which everything is going to be analyzed and debated.

For this reason, the parliamentary spokesman has clarified that "we are not going to accept the amendments of PSOE and Adelante that mean giving the Andalusians a blow by raising their taxes again because the Andalusians have voted for us to the contrary", recalling how the massive drop in taxes was a "commitment" of Juanma Moreno in his electoral campaign. "It is our given word and we have to comply, so we are going to continue working in that line."


Nieto has also valued the shock plan that "begins to reverse" the situation of the waiting lists in Andalusia with 110 more daily operations and has urged the former president of the Board to "apologize for her mismanagement, for not having given the necessary means to health professionals and for having unfortunately and painfully concealed thousands of Andalusians who needed this care.

For this reason, the popular has asked that "height of view to those who did not know how to manage properly and now do not put work and mud", while recognizing and appreciating the work carried out by health professionals, ensuring that the Government of Change now "gives you the treatment and the tools you need to do your job better."

The shock plan of the Government of Change "has meant that thousands of Andalusians who were on waiting lists have been recognized, first, and, second, treated for that operation that required a visit to the specialist," he stressed.