• Explain the 3,3 percent rise in tax collection: "When more economic activity is generated with lower taxes, more is collected"
• Values ​​dialogue and parliamentary agreements as generators of a "necessary strength to drive our own development"
• "We do not understand that there is an attempt to exclude the PP and CS from LGTBI Pride events when we reach out to support their claims"
The spokesman of the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, José Antonio Nieto, analyzed today at the Cordovan PP Summer School, held in Priego de Córdoba, the Andalusian news and expressed his confidence that, with the government of Juanma Moreno, " Andalusia is going to have a strong economic structure that it has never had”

Nieto referred to the data known yesterday on tax collection in the first quarter in Andalusia. "We already have the first collection data since Juanma Moreno arrived at the Board and, contrary to what the PSOE said, we do not lose resources to finance social policies, or to finance infrastructure in Andalusia."

The popular spokesperson recalled that taxes have been lowered and collections have increased, “as the Popular Party always says, when more economic activity is generated with lower taxes, more is collected. In Andalusia it has just happened with the first data from the first quarter of this year, there are 3,3 percent more resources”.

José Antonio Nieto valued the dialogue and the parliamentary agreements as generators of a “necessary solidity to promote our own development. This has been achieved through dialogue, through humility, knowing that we are not always right, that we are not the only ones who have solutions to problems. It is important to know how to listen and attend to the proposals that come to us from outside of politics and also from other formations different from ours, with which we are going to continue dialoguing”.

For the popular leader, a sense of stability is now transmitted that was "absolutely essential for Andalusia" and he referred to the budget agreement as a "transcendent" step for Andalusians. “Today we are the only autonomous community or one of the few that can transmit stability. Within a country like Spain, which is still pending whether it will have a government, whether it will repeat elections or from other autonomous communities where the majorities remain unknown.


Nieto referred to the incidents during the celebration of LGTBI Pride Day and recalled that “all the groups have legitimately demanded respect for their most basic rights, but some have tried to prevent the PP and Citizens from participating in these acts. We do not understand that this can continue, we do not understand that it is excluded when someone reaches out to support those claims. We have to advance in all types of integration, the PP has always set an example and will continue to do so in the future”.