· "Andalusia's first reformist budget is the most social in history, with a great investment effort focused on people and economic growth in solidarity"

· "Now in the budget the Andalusians come first and before the party came first, the friends of the party second, the bureaucracy third and, if there was anything left over, it was to invest"

The parliamentary spokesman of the Andalusian Popular Party, José Antonio Nieto, has defended in the plenary session of the autonomous Chamber that "the best social policy is employment, which lasts and gives dignity to people", for which reason he asked for dialogue with the political groups on the Andalusian Budget "to consolidate the change of course in Andalusia".

Nieto has argued that tomorrow the parliamentary process of the "first reformist budget" begins, which is the "most social in the history of Andalusia" and represents "a great investment effort that focuses on people" unlike the accounts of previous socialist governments.

Along these lines, Nieto has assessed that with the new Andalusian government "the Andalusians come first", while before the priorities of the budget were "first the party, second the friends of the party, third the bureaucracy and, if there was anything left over, it was to invest".

The popular spokesman encouraged the President of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, to "continue with the fundamental trait of his government, which is courage and daring to demonstrate that things can be done differently than the PSOE did."

José Antonio Nieto assured that the PPA will work to reach consensus on fundamental matters such as Water, Health, Education and Financing to make possible a Budget that benefits the majority of Andalusians.

In this sense, he pointed out that the majority agreement of the groups of the Chamber on the renewal of parliamentary extraction bodies "must be a full stop to start a new stage that will bear fruit in the future." He thanked both the Andalusian government and the political forces for their willingness to agree and hoped that it would serve to show that "it is much better to talk than to fight and argue."