• Moreno announces that the SAS contracts will have a minimum duration of 6 months: "No one will leave the Andalusian health service due to precarious conditions"
• Nieto: "Never again can a lie be the answer to a problem for Andalusians" and censures "the insults of those who did nothing to improve healthcare"

The spokesman for the Popular Party in the Parliament of Andalusia, José Antonio Nieto, affirmed today that "to manage healthcare, words are not worth it", for which he highlighted the factual policy of the new government that demonstrates the announcement of the President of the Board , Juanma Moreno, of a stabilization plan that will benefit 5.7000 non-structural casual workers of the SAS, of which 75% are women.

In response to the question asked by the popular spokesman at the control session of the Andalusian Parliament, Moreno affirmed that the SAS contracts will have a minimum duration of 6 months so that health professionals "have decent conditions" and assured that "no one leaves to have to go to the Andalusian health service for having precarious conditions”. In this sense, he pointed out that 18 contracts of less than one month and one-day contracts were made every day with the socialist government.

José Antonio Nieto appreciated that the President of the Board continues to defend, as he did on countless occasions from the opposition, the need to reach "a great pact for Health, which is the most valuable and important thing we could offer Andalusians" He added that this pact should "privilege the patient as the core of the system and put the professionals in charge of management, because they are the ones who know".

Nieto asked all parliamentary groups to join this pact and asked the opposition "not to continue playing with the health of Andalusians because not deteriorating health is not worth a vote."

He warned that "never again can a lie be given in response to a problem of the Andalusians" in reference to the concealment of half a million Andalusians from the health waiting lists. He censured "the insults and demagogy of those who used only words in management and did nothing to improve healthcare."

The popular spokesman that the urgent measures adopted by the new government in health matters, as well as the far-reaching reforms and legislative initiatives to correct the situation of Andalusian health has the "applause of society, patient groups and the professionals".

In his response to the popular spokesperson, Juanma Moreno once again offered "an outstretched hand to dialogue and agree" and recalled that he has always defended a pact for Andalusian health that would allow us "a sincere and frank dialogue about the situation and possible solutions".

Regarding the rejection of the pact by the previous socialist government, he affirmed that "you didn't have to be very clever but rather be in society to realize that when thousands of people take to the streets something is happening, when tens of thousands of professionals criticize something it is not right, and when patient associations denounce the management model, something is not working well”.

He concluded that "the least they could do is acknowledge it and be willing to amend the error and not deny even official statistics, because that does not help them fulfill the opposition role that the PSOE has to play."