· He affirms that "it is an expansive, generous and social budget as there has not been until now" and assures that PSOE and Adelante Andalucía "have shown zero interest in negotiating"

· "The important thing is to work for Andalusia and the main tool for this is budgets"

The spokesman for the Popular Party in the Andalusian Parliament, José Antonio Nieto, assured today that "the agreement with Vox does not destroy or eliminate anything, but deals with and remembers forgotten groups, people who demand help and were previously ignored, and problems that were previously covered up.

During his speech at the Debate on the Totality of the Andalusian Budget, he highlighted "the rigor, transparency and quality in the presentation and content" of the accounts and assured that "above anything else is the interest of Andalusia and the Andalusians" .

Nieto assured that it is an "expansive, generous and social budget like there has never been until now", for which he assured that "it deserves the respect that it has not had from the PSOE and Adelante Andalucía, who have shown zero interest in negotiating ”. In this sense, he made ugly the absence of Susana Díaz during the debate.

Nieto stated that "the important thing is to work for Andalusia and the main tool for this is the budget." In this sense, he assured that "we do not give up on dialogue and we will continue trying."

He appreciated Vox's willingness to dialogue and called for dignifying Parliament because "there are no sanitary cordons here."

He recalled that the processing of the PSOE budgets "was a steamroller, in which no amendments were negotiated or accepted." He pointed out that, on the contrary, "these budgets are a plow that intends to cultivate Andalusia and do the best planting to reap fruits."