• The spokesman for the Popular Group in Parliament calls for "avoiding confrontation" and stresses the proposal for "a free, open and inclusive Andalusia where everyone fits, who defended Blas Infante"

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, José Antonio Nieto, highlighted today in Seville the act of homage to Blas Infante on the 83rd anniversary of his death that "the most important of Blas Infante, which is his proposal for an open, free, inclusive Andalusia where everyone fits, where green and white unite us all and allow us, at least on a day like today, to avoid permanent confrontation and for the symbols of each one limit the power of the symbol of all that is our flag”.

Nieto has stressed that "this legacy of Blas Infante It is very important and it is a legacy that the Government of change in Andalusia has perfectly understood”.

A legacy, he added, that "our president Juanma Moreno transfers to us permanently, and that is based on dialogue, on agreement, on the search for understanding, on working together for the best for Andalusia and to prevent private interest from diminishing the general interest”.