• Highlights the 99% discount on Inheritance and Donations tax or the reduction of 14,5 million euros for senior managers and trusted staff on the Board
• Urges the left-wing parties to assume that they are in the opposition and that "there is a new government that works and that has a commitment to the Andalusians that will be fulfilled"
The spokesman for the Popular Party in the Andalusian Parliament, José Antonio Nieto, affirmed today that the Popular Group comes "with its hands full of initiatives" that have shown that, in barely a month, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, and his Government "have understood that this change that Andalusia needed, in addition to being important, had to be an urgent change."

In this sense, he said that "initiatives and demands that have been defended for a long time by the PP are already, in just one month, a reality", for which he insisted that "it is the government of change and a government that complies”.

"The objective of this new government is for citizens to have money and resources and not to waste them", for this reason, he pointed out that "Juanma Moreno has done two things: discount the unfair Inheritance and Donations tax to 99 percent that the Andalusians paid and more than compensate for its impact with an adjustment like never before with the elimination of senior positions and trusted personnel in the Junta de Andalucía”.

A reduction that amounts to 14,5 million, "money that Andalusians are going to save and that can be dedicated to social policies or that will allow taxes to be reduced because they will no longer have to pay for that unnecessary structure, which served the PSOE and not to Andalusia, and that the government of change has already eliminated ”.

This reduction, he stressed, "will be a fundamental feature of this government" which "will also be a reformist government, which does not settle and wants things to improve."

Nieto also cited among the measures already implemented by the Andalusian government, the start of the processing of the Strategic Competitiveness Plan for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development or a new infrastructure plan. "We have to ensure that the money put in by the Andalusians is used properly and we cannot allow it to continue being thrown away as has happened in recent decades in infrastructure plans that were never fulfilled."

Lastly, Nieto invited the leftist parties to “assume that they are no longer the government; that there is another government that is already up and running in Andalusia; and that this government has a commitment signed with the Andalusians that is going to be fulfilled”. Specifically, he appealed to the PSOE to "assume its role now and make a constructive opposition."