• «The Andalusian Government is ending the clichés and false slogans of the PSOE by guaranteeing free university tuition, improving health and with more social budgets»
• «The PSOE wanders instead of focusing, applying itself and proposing viable alternatives to improve the lives of Andalusians»
The parliamentary spokesman of the Andalusian Popular Party, José Antonio Nieto, has indicated that "the PSOE in Andalusia is equal to bad management, waste and corruption, and has not yet apologized or offered an alternative to overcome it."

With these words, Nieto has dismantled the "clichés" and "false slogans" that the PSOE continues to use because "it still cannot find its place, wandering in an unknown political space" despite the fact that the Andalusian government is ending the "latiguillos" of the socialists.

In this regard, the popular has highlighted how today the Governing Council supports the free university so that "Andalusia continues to be a community where there is no economic obstacle to studying a university degree." With this, "another hose falls off" to the PSOE, as Nieto has stressed.

Likewise, he has highlighted how the Government of Juanma Moreno has achieved "more public health, better and with more resources" with assumptions that "the socialists said would be the end of the public and, however, are the most social assumptions that Andalusia has had, with more than 1.000 million euros directly to improve health, education and dependence ».

For this reason, "we ask the PSOE to focus and apply itself, to start making an effort to propose reasonable and viable alternatives to improve the lives of Andalusians", lamenting that "it is not giving explanations for the bad management" it has done in Andalusia.

In line, Nieto has lamented that "because of the mismanagement of the PSOE government, which does not have the courage to apologize and assume responsibilities, 750 million euros cannot be allocated to improve employment, education, health and dependency" for blame for the more than 50.000 lawsuits of an economic nature "for actions carried out during the stage of the socialist government."