• These accounts have "a very different orientation to waste and the partisan interests of the socialist budgets»
• Evidence of the contradictions of the PSOE, which has gone from demanding the presentation of the budget a week after the Andalusian government takes office to say now, "without any shame", that they are an "electoral weapon"

The parliamentary spokesman of the Andalusian Popular Party, José Antonio Nieto, have lamented the "absolute disregard" of the PSOE after announcing the Government of Juanma Moreno "the most social budgets in the history of Andalusia, with a very different orientation to waste and interest partisans of the socialist budgets».

Nieto has highlighted the attitude of the PSOE that "they have gone from demanding the presentation of the budgets a week after the government of Juanma Moreno took office, irresponsibly threatening cuts, to saying now, without any shame, that they are an electoral weapon ».

"Lies are no longer worth the PSOE because these budgets are going to fulfill their responsibility with the services and rights of Andalusians and with the commitments that were closed for the Andalusian government and the investiture."

The parliamentary spokesman has also highlighted that these budgets "are born with a vocation to integrate, dialogue, reach out and be able to add contributions that come from other parties", something in which they also differ from the Socialists, "with whom we have seen systematically operate the roller and that meant that no PPA proposal has ever been approved »in the accounts presented by the Socialist Executives.

«The budgets of the Government of Change have a vocation to integrate all sensitivities and are linked to dialogue, open to the responsibility of all and it will be very difficult to justify their vote against by the opposition parties, be they of a color or another, with the items already announced and what commitment [that these imply] to increase social policies».

Likewise, Nieto has also highlighted the recognition of the independent organization Airef, which determines that the Government of Juanma Moreno "has made sensible planning in its forecasts" complying with the regulations and forecasting a growth of 25% in employment and 2,1% in Andalusian GDP.