• He criticizes the "silence" of Díaz and recalls that other PSOE leaders "have had a hard time" raising their voices against Sánchez's transfers to the independence movement
• Defends the need for the Andalusian Parliament to position itself against other territories having privileges over the rest of Spain.

The spokesman for the Popular Party in the Andalusian Parliament, José Antonio Nieto, stated today in the plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament, during the debate on the Non-Ley Proposal for the Andalusian Chamber to pronounce itself in defense of the unity of Spain, that "it You will see at the polls that the Andalusians do not understand the position of the PSOE-A before the coup d'état without anesthesia and without quotes raised in Catalonia”.
This was indicated by Nieto after the refusal of the Socialist Group to support the PNL presented by the PP in defense of the unity of Spain and against the rupture of national sovereignty.
The popular spokesman added, in reference to the socialist spokesperson, that "to go up to this rostrum and not understand that this debate is essential for Andalusians is to not understand the reality of Andalusia and justifies the results of the PSOE on December 2."
In this way, the popular spokesperson cleared up doubts about the need for this debate in the Andalusian Parliament and remarked that "it is so bad for Andalusia that they want to propose the independence of Catalonia and that a part of Spain receives different treatment, that is, more than the rest of autonomous communities, that this Parliament has to position itself against to defend the interests of the Andalusians and the unity of Spain”.
A situation, added Nieto, that "not even the resistant Pedro Sánchez has been able to endure what has forced him to call elections after the broad rejection of the citizenry to the hidden negotiation and his transfers to the independence movement."
Likewise, he criticized the "silence" of Susana Díaz in the face of these assignments by Sánchez while other PSOE leaders have raised their voices, which, he pointed out, "has cost them their position." For all these reasons, the spokesman for the Popular Group stressed, "Andalusians do not understand the position of the Andalusian PSOE and it will be seen again at the polls."