• Kike Rodríguez affirms that the star measure of Susana Díaz has become a star measure
• In the 2016/2017 academic year, of 213.789 students, only 2.263 received aid.
• Highlights Juanma Moreno's commitment to education and Andalusian university students

The president of the Nuevas Generaciones de Andalucía, Kike Rodríguez, has denounced today that in the last three calls for grants for the Accreditation of University Languages, only 7.334 Andalusian students have benefited from the more than 630.000 who studied, which represents less from 1%.
In this sense, he recalled that Susana Díaz announced this measure as a star measure, although she has qualified that it has become a 'star measure' that has had a lot of propaganda but with very few results.

"This is a new scam because expectations are created for the youth, making them believe that they are going to receive more aid and in the end they do not receive it due to a call that denies opportunities for young people," he added.

The leader of NNGG in Andalusia has given the 2016/2017 academic year as an example when out of 213.789 students only a total of 2.263 received aid, which means that more than 80% of the funds allocated to these aids have remained unexecuted.

In this way, he has ensured that Andalusian universities have been waiting for a new financing model for more than seven years, for which reason he regretted that the legislature is over and that they have not yet been able to get it out, despite having been a personal commitment. by Susana Diaz.

“We need a new government for Andalusia. Díaz promised to end the legislature with a stable financing framework for universities, but it has been seen that his word is worthless. On the other hand, Juanma Moreno knows that the university is not only the future but also the present of Andalusia”, he added.

Finally, it has highlighted as a commitment of the Andalusian PP to increase budget execution and the number of young beneficiaries and promote the free terminal language accreditation tests, which are convened in the official language schools.

And it has stressed the importance of committing to a strong aid system for university students with prompt payment and the need to guarantee a stable and transparent financing model in management.