kike rodriguez

• An error in the Mathematics test made the problem unsolvable, which generated a situation of inequality between the students of the different centers.

• Kike Rodríguez Flores: "It is clear that the only thing that was irresolvable was not the question but the disastrous socialist management of the Andalusian educational system"

Nuevas Generaciones de Andalucía has demanded explanations from the Ministry of Knowledge, Research and University of the Junta de Andalucía about what happened in the Selectivity test this year, after detecting an error that puts the equality of students at risk when it comes to face one of the exams.
"The serious error in the test puts the academic future of thousands of Andalusian students at risk due to the ruling of the Board," said the president of NNGG Andalucía, Kike Rodríguez Flores.
For this reason, NNGG asks the Junta de Andalucía and the Inter-university Coordinating Commission for "immediate solutions that allow the affected young people not to see their Selectivity grade harmed and that these solutions be agreed upon with the student groups so that they do not cause added inconvenience".
The Andalusian students who took their Mathematics II test yesterday in option B found themselves with a poorly formulated exercise, so that it was impossible to solve it as it was exposed in the test.
The bug was unevenly discovered after the start of the test, when some students had even already dropped out of the exam and decided not to take it.
"From New Generations we stand in solidarity with all those young people who have seen with frustration that they could not solve this question, for which they have wasted time trying to solve it and in some cases leaving it unresolved, unable to obtain the total score of the exam . For thousands of Andalusian students, this mistake can mean not obtaining the necessary cut-off grade to carry out the university degree they want", Rodríguez-Flores pointed out.
Numerous students examined protested and asked for the test to be extended to make up for the time lost when trying to complete an exercise that was impossible to solve. In some centers he was granted extra time and in others not, which also breaks the principle of equality.
This situation has caused discontent and frustration among many students, who even describe nervous breakdowns as a result of these events. .
"From Nuevas Generaciones de Andalucía we wish luck to the 42.005 students who in these days have faced the Baccalaureate Assessment Test for University Access and we regret that they are once again harmed, making it clear that the only thing that was not solvable was the question but the disastrous socialist management of the Andalusian educational system”.
The president of NNGG has indicated that "we also urge the revision of the Regulations and Organization of the Andalusian Inter-university Coordinating Commission for the University Entrance Examination so that greater guarantees are established for the preparation and review of formal exams. that these problems do not arise in future