• "More than a million Andalusians have given their trust to the PPA and we have gone up 10 points from the general ones a month ago"
  • The PPA is the first force in the provinces of Almería and Málaga, where it will foreseeably maintain the Provincial Councils

The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, affirmed today that with the result of the municipal elections "the PPA has demonstrated its territorial strength and that it has great managers and great mayors."

López thanked "more than a million Andalusians who have given their confidence to the PP" and stressed that "we have risen 10 points from the general one a month ago." He stated that "we started from a scenario that was not easy, with the fragmented center right and complicated circumstances", for which he considered the result "more than satisfactory".

He pointed out that with the vote count practically over, the result of the PP in Andalusia is four points above the national average in the municipal elections and two in the European ones.

He also stressed that the PP is the first force in the provinces of Almería and Málaga, where it is expected to maintain the Provincial Councils. López also pointed out that there are "possibilities of governing in five of the 8 capitals" and that "negotiations with other political forces will begin tomorrow." Finally, he pointed out that the PPA maintains the number of mayoralties in which it had an absolute majority.