• The general secretary of the Andalusian PP and Campaign Manager, Antonio Repullo has visited the Huelva capital where he has affirmed that Pilar Miranda represents the management of the PP that we see every day with Juanma Moreno in the Andalusian Government
• Pilar Miranda: "We have a project with more than 200 measures for the urban, social and economic transformation of our city"

Antonio Repullo places Pilar Miranda as the great opportunity for Huelva to advance as Juanma Moreno does with Andalusia. Photo of the Campaign Director with the candidate for mayor of Huelva.
The general secretary of the Popular Party of Andalusia, Antonio Repullo, has placed the popular candidate for Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, as the "great opportunity" in the face of the municipal elections on May 28 for the Huelva capital to advance as Juanma Moreno is doing with Andalusia.

This was stated during his visit to Huelva accompanied by Pilar Miranda and the general secretary of the PP of Huelva, Berta Centeno. In statements to the media, Antonio Repullo stressed that Andalusia cannot be understood without a capital like Huelva "that looks to the future" and that guarantee and opportunity is available to all Huelva residents with the candidacy of Pilar Miranda.

"It represents the management, the values ​​and the way of working that the Popular Party has", the general secretary insisted, stressing that it will be a reflection of the management that Juanma Moreno is carrying out in the Junta de Andalucía. In his opinion, Huelva has the next 28M "the great opportunity to have the first mayor who has already demonstrated her worth at the helm of the Port of Huelva and who has shown what are the conditions and conditions that she puts on the table to be useful to the whole society.

Faced with this project -he continued- is the "Sanchista Party" which "is using all the resources it has in its power to stay in power, even whitewashing the ETA terrorists". A socialist party that, in his opinion, "has not opted for Huelva" and that represents values ​​that "are opposed to those represented by Pilar, which are the values ​​of closeness and dialogue and the endorsement of good management" .

On the other hand, the candidate for mayor of Popular Party in Huelva, Pilar Miranda, has stated that it has a city project to implement an urban, economic and social transformation in Huelva, "which will allow us to continue in the city with the projects that I started in the Port, because we are sure that a Huelva best possible."

In this sense, Miranda has focused on the change that the Government of Moreno Bonilla has achieved in Andalusia, "that in recent years, has not stopped advancing, growing, and that is what we want the same for Huelva, we want to put Huelva first in line".

Lastly, the popular candidate has assured that she and her team are very excited, "because the project we have for our city looks to the future and is designed with more than 200 measures resulting from consensus and listening to the neighbors, to return to generate opportunities, because we do believe in the possibilities that Huelva has, all it takes is a government that manages effectively and is brave to promote projects”.

The general secretary of the PP of Huelva, bertha rye, has explained from the 'October Twelve' park that said location is the equator of the two city models. "On the one hand, that of the Junta de Andalucía and the Port with Pilar Miranda at the head, doing things right, turning the port into a benchmark and an economic one for the city." A model that contrasts with that of the PSOE that "only wears when the elections arrive."