• The president of Parliament still does not clarify the reasons why he hired the company where his nephew works to carry out an institutional campaign

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, believes that "it has been demonstrated" that there has been "occultism" by the president of the Chamber, Juan Pablo Durán, in relation to the hiring of a company for the campaign on December 4 where his nephew works.

Crespo has made these statements together with the representatives of the PP on the Parliamentary Table, Esperanza Oña and Patricia del Pozo; and they have explained that, although Durán - who has recognized the "error" - has provided documentation on the contract, he has not been able to clarify "why he chose said company" as the successful bidder; or "why she hid that her nephew worked there."

The PP spokeswoman said that the parliamentary group has yet to study the documentation that the president of the Chamber has provided to the Table but reiterated that "it is verified that there has been occultism about the reasons for which one company is hired and not another" .

"We have to investigate for the sake of transparency in Parliament," said Crespo, who announced that the PP is going to request that the Chamber of Accounts audit the minor contracts that have passed through the Parliamentary Board since the regulations on hiring.