• The PP will assume six ministries and Ciudadanos five. The distribution of areas between the different Ministries will be announced this week
• Loles López: "The PSOE would have to make the escraches at the door of Moncloa after Sánchez has announced that there will be no new regional financing agreement this legislature"
• "Juanma Moreno will be tenacious and will claim the money that corresponds to Andalusia"

The Partido Popular Andaluz and Ciudadanos have agreed today on the distribution of areas of responsibility of the new government of the Junta de Andalucía, whose final structure will be announced in the coming days. Said government will consist of eleven ministries, of which the PP will assume six, in addition to the Presidency of the Board.

It remains to configure how the different areas will be integrated within the Ministries. According to the agreement closed today, the Popular Party will be responsible for the policies of the Presidency, Finance, Public Administration, and the Interior.

It will also assume the management of the areas of Health, Family, Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Environment; as well as those of Development, Housing, Infrastructures, Land Management, Energy, Industry, Mines; and Culture and Heritage. He will also be in charge of managing the Office of the Spokesperson.

López has insisted that the configuration of the government areas between the different Ministries will not be known until after the inauguration and has clarified, to questions from journalists, that the Family area is a "transversal" policy, that " it affects various powers”, and that, in any case, “when the PP talks about family, it does so about families and does not give surnames, all kinds of families”.


Regarding the 'escraches' that the PSOE is promoting in view of the investiture debate of Juanma Moreno, which will be held tomorrow and the day after in the Parliament of Andalusia, he said that "the PSOE's escraches would have to be done at the door of Moncloa" after learning that "Pedro Sánchez's intention is to remove the reform of regional financing from this legislature."
"Susana Díaz said that with a socialist government the reform of regional financing would be done quickly and not only is it not like that," he said, "but it is removed from the legislature and literally loads what had already been advanced with the government by Mariano Rajoy”.
He affirmed that "today the parliamentary agreement of the 4.000 million financing has been put in a bin", and assured that from the Presidency of the Board, "Juanma Moreno will be tenacious and will claim the money that corresponds to Andalusia despite the fact that Sánchez is trampling this land and leaving the words of Susana Díaz in a very bad place, “he concluded.