• Loles López points out that a new government is urgently needed: "The PSOE is doing its thing and the more time passes, the more holes we will see"
• The PPA will attend the negotiation to "talk about solutions and not armchairs, we do not have a list of names but a proposal document"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, today accused the acting President of the Board, Susana Díaz, of opacity regarding the reality of the Andalusian accounts and of having hidden before the elections both the breach of the spending rule and the financial economic plan that the Andalusian government sent to the Ministry of Finance. “The time has come to open the drawers and find out the truth after 40 years in which it has not been possible,” she said.

López referred to the report of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (Airef) sent on December 3 and that "gives a fail" to the financial economic plan of the Díaz government and points out the breach of the spending rule in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, as well as the high risk of non-compliance also in the years of 2018 and 2019.

The popular leader affirmed that it is the consequence of the "terrible management" of the socialist government of Díaz and assured that "the PSOE is doing its thing and the more time passes, the more holes we will see." Thus, she referred to the compensation of 165 million euros that the Board must face for the Nevada Case. She also pointed to María Jesús Montero as responsible together with Susana Díaz, first as Minister of Finance and now as Minister.

López accused the PSOE of wanting to "leave everything well tied up" and urged him to "stop using BOJA to finger his own and accept that his time has passed." "It's enough to use the institutions that belong to everyone," he said.

The general secretary of the PPA pointed out the urgency that "a new government be formed as soon as possible to provide solutions to the problems of Andalusians." She insisted that the PPA will go to the negotiation with the willingness to "talk about solutions and not about armchairs, because that was already decided by the Andalusians at the polls."

Thus, he explained that "we do not keep a list of names but a document of proposals", such as the elimination of the Inheritance and Donations Tax, the reduction of the Personal Income Tax, the elimination of the auction of medicines, the reduction of waiting lists and the improvement of educational infrastructures.