• "Each counselor comes with a plan under his arm but partial initiatives are smokescreens to cover up bad results"
• "The Díaz government reverses the introduction of the second language in Primary and turns its back on students with special educational needs"
marifran carazo

Marifran CarazoThe spokesperson for Education of the Andalusian PP, Marifrán Carazo, affirmed today that some of the measures announced by the Ministry of Education for Primary Education represent a "reversal" with respect to previous announcements and urged to address the Educational Pact within the framework of the Working Group approved in the Andalusian Parliament. "Andalusia - he said - needs to rethink its educational system with a global diagnosis of the problems that is realistic instead of putting patches with improvised plans and slogans."

Carazo thus referred to the 'Rethinking the Primary' debate, in which he valued the participation of teachers but that "it is not a solution to the problems if there is no comprehensive reform of the Andalusian educational system."

The popular spokesperson concluded that Andalusia needs an Educational Pact with the participation of all because partial initiatives such as 'Rethink Primary School' are "smokescreens to cover up poor educational results that result in an increase in dropout rates." She added that "we have to put an end to improvised management in which each director comes with a plan under his arm without evaluating the results of previous plans."

He pointed out that the Díaz government intends to reverse the introduction of the second language in Primary, which shows that it was "a propaganda measure that was adopted with its back to teachers and that they have been implemented in a botched way."

He also denounced that the Andalusian government "again turns its back on students with special educational needs despite the fact that teachers demand more resources to attend to diversity and achieve a true one." He recalled that the PSOE rejected the Educational Inclusion Law presented by the PPA and pointed out that it must be a priority of the Educational Pact.

Carazo regretted the time lost by the Díaz government to reinforce the subjects of Language and Mathematics, since all the national and international indicators have placed us in the last positions in these subjects for years. He pointed out that "after the last Pisa Report, the PPA demanded this reinforcement to converge with other communities that are advancing faster than Andalusia".