Moreno asks the Galicians “not to trust themselves” and to focus on supporting Alfonso Rueda's project so that Galicia continues to enjoy a stable government with a future for all with the PP

  The president of the PP of Andalusia and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, has encouraged Galicians this Sunday to “not trust themselves” and go out on the 18th to vote to give all possible support to Alfonso Rueda's project “so that Galicia continues to enjoy of a government...

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The PP of Andalusia demands “seriousness” from Montero, that he “stop confusing” and now undertakes the design of a fair regional financing system

The general secretary of the Popular Andalusians considers “an insult” that the Minister of Finance comes to “lie and try to manipulate”, but “she never brings a solution to correct the financial inequality that Andalusia suffers from and that worsens with each transfer of Sánchez to their partners.”

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Resources for journalists

In this section we want to share resources from the Andalusian PP that we believe may be useful for journalists who need information about the press releases and the activity of our party and Andalusia.

Municipalities of Andalusia by provinces

Excel with the details of the Municipalities of Andalusia by provinces. Contains the 785 municipalities of Andalusia with their official municipality code and the number of inhabitants according to the INE as of 2022.

Results of the 2019 Municipal Elections by municipalities

Excel with the Results of the 2019 Municipal Elections by municipalities and main political parties of Andalusia. Provinces and municipalities are arranged in alphabetical order of the eight provinces of Andalusia. The major parties in the columns are also arranged in alphabetical order.