• The Andalusian PP carries out its request for the appearance of the Minister of Justice and Interior on the arrival of immigrants to Andalusia
  • The PSOE is the only party that has rejected the appearance of the Minister of Justice

The groups of PSOE and Ciudadanos have vetoed this Thursday in the Permanent Deputation of the Andalusian Parliament the urgent call of the Environment Commission so that, as requested by the Andalusian PP, the counselor gave explanations about the actions of the Meeting on the forest fires that are taking place in the community, and especially in the province of Huelva.

The Popular Group has managed to get its request for the urgent appearance of the head of Justice and Interior to go ahead to account for the problems that have occurred in the care of immigrants who arrive on the Andalusian coast, a request to which only the PSOE has voted against.

Regarding this matter, the Andalusian PP parliamentarian Patricia Navarro has assured that "Andalusia has reached its ceiling in terms of attention to immigrants, a collapse that even the Ministry already admits." She has pointed out that the two Andalusian councilors who attended the Sectoral Conference "showed a submissive attitude and became empty, and the result is that Andalusia has been left alone in this matter."

Navarro has also criticized that neither Susana Díaz nor Pedro Sánchez have come close to discovering the reality of the massive arrival of immigrants despite spending their vacations a few kilometers from the ports that are the scenes of it.

For his part, the spokesman for Agriculture of the Popular Group, Manuel Andrés González, has denounced that from the Junta de Andalucía "sufficient means have not been put in place to stop the fires this summer", and has indicated that "we are not saying that only us, the professionals say so.

González has also referred to the mobilizations undertaken by the Infoca staff, who have denounced that "the safety of the agents is being put at risk, the age of the vehicle fleet, the alarming reduction of the staff and the lack of application of occupational risk prevention measures.