• The Minister of Employment hides from Parliament the technical reports on the fate of the plane that disappeared from an aeronautical center

• The Andalusian PP requests an internal investigation into the fate of all the facilities of the Training centers closed by the Board

• Ruiz Sillero criticizes the counselor for not providing information in Parliament, while stating that Training in Andalusia "is becoming normal"

The spokesperson for Employment of the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Teresa Ruiz-Sillero, today accused the counselor in the Employment Commission of hiding from the camera the technical reports on the fate of the plane that disappeared at the La Rinconada Aeronautical Training Center.

Ruiz-Sillero criticized the attitude of the Employment Minister in the Parliamentary Commission, who, at the insistence of the popular deputy in offering information, limited himself to asking her to request it in writing. "He knows that we are asking him precisely about those reports and he should have brought them to the Commission instead of stalling to avoid reporting."

The popular parliamentarian requested an internal investigation in the Ministry to find out what has been the fate of all the facilities in the five training centers that the Board closed years ago and alluded to information by which a large part of these facilities have disappeared. "Who has taken the facilities?" The deputy questioned the counselor.

Ruiz-Sillero recalled the various visits he has been able to make to the Junta Training Centers, "despite the fact that the Junta did not allow us on the grounds that they were closed." We have been able to verify that “the centers have been closed as such for five years because none of them carry out the activity for which they were opened. Some are closed tight and song and others have been dedicated to other activities. And meanwhile, the counselor lies by insisting that they are open.

The PP deputy reproached the Andalusian socialists for being "the only ones who voted against our proposal for the centers to open in the first quarter of 2018. They still do not commit to specific dates and we still do not have aeronautical training centers, surely because They don't think they're needed." She also reproached the counselor for allowing himself, given this situation, to affirm in the Chamber that "Training in Andalusia is normalizing."