Antonio Repullo Milla

General Secretary of the Popular Party of Andalusia

Antonio Repullo He is the Secretary General of the PP of Andalusia and a deputy in the Andalusian Parliament. He was born on May 5, 1975 in Cádiz, he is married and has three children.

Graduated in Law from the University of Córdoba, he joined the Córdoba Bar Association in 2003 and in the same city he has also developed his political career.

Who is Antonio Repullo?

His full name is Antonio Repullo Milla, from Cádiz by birth and Córdoba by adoption since he grew up in that city, studied Law at its University and also developed his political career in Córdoba.

Antonio practiced law as a liberal professional for 12 years, from 2000 to 2012, he belongs to the Córdoba Bar Association since January 15, 2003 and his collegiate number is 3417. Expert in Agricultural law by the Illustrious Bar Association of Jaén.

Antonio Repullo. Cordova. General Secretary PP of Andalusia

From that date he was appointed Manager of the Economic Development Consortium of the Provincial Council. Moment in which he begins his trajectory in public management.

Four years later, in 2016, he assumed the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Government sub-delegate in Córdoba and in 2019, with the change of government, Antonio Repullo became part of the structure of that first historic government of the PP in Andalusia, specifically as Government delegate in the province of Córdoba, through his appointment in the BOJA by Decree 73/2019, of February 5.

He is a person with a deep knowledge of the province from all points of view: that of the citizen who lives, works, has his family and develops his life project in Córdoba. Although now his work extends to all of Andalusia.

Since June 19, he is one of the 7 parliamentarians of the Popular Party in the Parliament of Andalusia, elected by a majority of Cordobans. After many years working on this political project, in September 2022 he was appointed Secretary General of the PP of Andalusia, an appointment that he assumed with enormous responsibility and enthusiasm.

In 2023 he was appointed Campaign Director for both the municipal elections on May 28 and the general elections on July 23. A double challenge that resulted in historic results for the PP of Andalusia. Thanks to teamwork developed with closeness and with a work of The Popular Party constantly listens to the Andalusians and governs today in the eight capitals, in six councils and in hundreds of Andalusian municipalities.

In addition, the PP of Andalusia contributes 25 of the 132 national deputies in Congress and 21 senators.

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Personal aspects

He was born in Cádiz, his mother being from Barbate and of Cordovan ancestry. The family had moved to the city of Cádiz due to the profession of Antonio's grandfather, who was a veterinarian. Her mother returned to Córdoba to study and there she met her husband, Antonio's father. 

His paternal grandfather owned a renowned distillery in the province, which made history, since he named one of his products "Anís Manolete" who was then a bullfighter who was beginning to stand out. A curious anecdote that Antonio's family remembers is that the collaboration agreement was signed on a napkin. The family always had a special relationship with the mythical bullfighter and his crew.

He is currently married with three children, his wife has a degree in Classical Ballet and Teaching, she is a physical education teacher in a public school. Antonio Repullo is passionate about practicing sports, in his youth he competed in handball and also played soccer and tennis.

She loves to play sports with her family and enjoy all kinds of activities with her children, she practices paddle tennis, participating in amateur level tournaments and also running. Another of his passions, when he has free time, is reading, confessing to being a true book eater. Among his favorite genres are the historical novel and the black novel.

He likes to cook all kinds of dishes, especially those from his homeland, and one aspect that stands out is how he enjoys starting by buying the necessary products in the market, and then getting home and calmly preparing the food. An activity that relaxes him a lot from the speed of political activity and that he occasionally shares in his Instagram personal account.

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«First of all, I want to thank all the Andalusians who have opted for the popular party's way of doing politics. Because of the way this party does things, what it constantly tries to do is solve the problems and concerns that the residents of all of Andalusia have in this case. From now on, a new scenario opens in which the objective is to change the government of Spain and change it in the same way that it was changed in Andalusia to continue favoring both economic and social policies and policies that are good for the people. And that is what we want and that is what our president Alberto Núñez Feijóo wants. Change a government that has not been sensitive to the people and change so that Spain occupies the place it deserves and the place that all Spaniards want.

Campaign Director in the 2023 Municipal Elections

Antonio Repullo has been chosen as Campaign Manager of the Municipal elections 2023 In Andalucia. An extraordinary challenge which he faces with enormous enthusiasm and with the aim of achieving a historic result in the Autonomous Community for the Popular Party.

8+8 The objective of the PP in the municipalities

8 + 8 It means that the Popular Party aspires to win the 8 provincial capitals of Andalusia and the 8 Provincial Councils. In front of him he has the eight provinces in which the PP presents a battle in all of them to try to win both the eight provincial capitals together with the eight provincial councils, something that a political formation never achieved and that, although it is extremely difficult, it is impossible. A goal that the Campaign Manager it is transmitting to the members of the Party in all those acts in which it participates.

What does a campaign manager do?

El campaign manager in an election it plays a crucial role in the strategy and coordination of all aspects of the electoral campaign. Its main function is to direct and supervise the campaign team to achieve the political objectives of the candidates, much more complex in some Municipal elections. This implies the planning and execution of activities such as the elaboration of messages and communication strategies, the organization of events and rallies, the management of publicity and the image of the candidate, and the mobilization of voters. Coordinating with the Vice-Secretary for Organization and with volunteers and supporters.

El campaign manager It is also in charge of analyzing public opinion, commissioning surveys and market studies, and using this information to adjust the campaign strategy according to the needs and demands of voters. In addition, you must establish relationships with the media and manage the candidates' online and social media presence.