The parliamentarians of the Andalusian PP Teresa Ruiz-Sillero and Miguel Ángel Torrico, members of the commission of investigation of the training courses, have assured this Wednesday that the proposal for an opinion registered last Monday by its president is "the secret and dark part of the investiture pact between PSOE and Ciudadanos”.

"Ciudadanos is the perfect partner for the PSOE, the partner that lends itself to covering up fraud using euphemisms such as 'disorders'", said Ruiz-Sillero, who has stated that the PP Andaluz will not support any opinion that does not reflect the reality of the training courses, that is, the existence of "35 political leaders and, at the top, Susana Díaz".

"She was aware of this reality, she had her husband working in the courses, her responsibility falls under her own weight," said the Andalusian PP parliamentarian, who has assured that Ciudadanos "has done its job poorly and has fallen into the most ridiculous." "The opinion hides the facts, there are 136 pages that do not contribute anything to the Andalusians, that what they want to know is what has happened to their money," she said.

Ruiz-Sillero has cited numerous issues that the opinion does not mention or about which it passes on tiptoe, such as the aid to Delphi, the role of Juan Ojeda, the courses of José María Moriche, the shared headquarters between the UGT and PSOE, the Faffe, the patronage network, Velasco, the money defrauded or spent on shellfish, the files without digitizing and, ultimately, the damage to the Andalusians.

"Only Chaves and Griñán are cited as responsible, in a strategic measure elaborated for the benefit of the PSOE and in particular Susana Díaz," said Ruiz-Sillero, who has highlighted the fact that three parties as different as IU, Podemos and the PP "we agree that the opinion does not reflect reality."

The also parliamentarian of the Andalusian PP Miguel Ángel Torrico has assured, for his part, that the opinion ignores Susana Díaz but he has not been able to avoid much evidence that points to his responsibility.

Thus, Torrico has indicated that the proposal for an opinion recognizes the lack of collaboration of the socialist government with the commission of investigation; he admits that only 1,4 per cent of the claimable amounts have been recovered; confirms that the controller issued a report in 2014 on the failure to apply the warnings of the intervention, the return of 47 million euros to the EU and the loss of another 800 from the Spanish government that should have been used for training "and , the most serious, that there was a total stoppage of active employment policies, events that all occurred under the presidency of Susana Díaz”. – See more at: of the-pact-between-psoe-and-cs%E2%80%9D.html#sthash.NKMdfr8Y.dpuf