The spokesperson for the PP in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, confirmed today the position of the Andalusian PP that Susana Díaz has a political responsibility in the fraud of the training courses and pointed out that her formation will not accept "an opinion of Citizens agreed with the PSOE”.

Crespo assured that the opinion presented by the president of the Investigation Commission, Julio Díaz, "is the opinion of Ciudadanos but it does not summarize the positions of the rest of the parliamentary groups, so it cannot be assumed by them."

The popular spokeswoman expressed her opposition to the "free" opinion of Susana Díaz from political responsibilities despite the fact that "she has paralyzed the training courses for five years, she has not sought fraud, she has prevented the truth from being known and has not worked to recover the defrauded money.

Crespo pointed out that the investigation commission has found that "the training courses were used for other things and that is called fraud, not disorder."

He explained that the PP-A is already working on the amendments to this opinion so that the conclusion is "clarifying and indicates political responsibilities." He added that the PP will not approve the ruling if it is not modified and takes into account his amendments.


On the other hand, Crespo referred today to the dialogue that the Ministry of Health begins with the platforms and health professionals and assured that "although it arrives six months late, it is welcome if it means coming down from the pedestal and pride." However, he warned that “if the management model is not changed, there will be no fix. There will be no change if the professionals are not listened to”.

The popular spokeswoman stated that "Díaz should be the protagonist of this dialogue and take the bull by the horns but he is on other things." She pointed out that "there is a unique opportunity to change the model but it seems that there is no intention to do so." In this sense, she pointed out that "it gives the impression that there have been stoppages to cut the bleeding but we see no intention of acknowledging the situation and changing the management model."

He concluded that the solution to the problems caused by the mismanagement of the Andalusian government involves “allocating less money to political administration and investing more in health, education and social services. – See more at: cs-agreed-with-the-psoe%E2%80%9D.html#sthash.dtMFN9bb.dpuf