● Loles López regrets that there are 6.000 Huelva residents on the waiting list and criticizes "the delay of the socialist government" in processing the files
● Announces a Special Employment Plan for People with Disabilities as the only way for there to be "real inclusion"
● Advocates for the elimination of architectural barriers and for an increase of "at least" 25 million euros in Early Care

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP and number one for Huelva in Parliament, Loles López, has opted this Thursday for a "real inclusion" of people with disabilities and has expressed the commitment of the Popular Party so that the "complete" processing of the Dependency be done within a period "not exceeding" three months.
López, in a meeting held in Aspacehu with associations and groups that work in the field of disability, regretted that there are 6.000 Huelva residents on the waiting list at the Unit, criticizing the "socialist government's delay" in processing the files.
The general secretary of the Andalusian PP has highlighted the "commendable social work" carried out by the associations, which currently "cover the demands and needs of people with disabilities that the Andalusian Administration is unable to attend to".
López explained that for there to be "real inclusion" a Special Employment Plan for People with Disabilities must be put in place to ensure their "economic independence and autonomy". A plan that will involve both the public administration and private companies. "You have to include these people in the labor market because they do essential work."
In this sense, he recalled that the unemployment rate for people with disabilities in Andalusia is 80%, one of the highest in Spain, and that more than 65% of the contracts created for people with disabilities were temporary. "Andalusia leads the temporality of employment in Spain for this group," she assured.
Within this employment plan, it has specified that they will arbitrate control mechanisms to ensure the reserve quota of 2% in favor of people with disabilities in Andalusian companies with more than 50 workers and that they will raise the reserve to 4% in employment offers. public employment for people with intellectual disabilities.
López, on the other hand, has affirmed that the "next government that will be chaired by Juanma Moreno" will put an "end" to the architectural barriers. “It is necessary to generate equality and opportunities in Huelva. The PSOE is full of talking about equality and social integration, but the truth is that today the architectural barriers continue to mean discrimination and inequality for people with disabilities ”, he asserted.
He has also said that the PP will commit to carrying out an Early Care Law, which will mean an increase in the budget of "at least" 25 million, "a new model based on the recognition and support of families and the need to a comprehensive intervention.
"The PP is committed to care beyond the age of six, covering second childhood and adolescence," he added.
Finally, it has advanced that the Andalusian PP will promote the approval of an Educational Inclusion Law "to guarantee the rights of students with special educational needs."
"The smallest cannot depend on the greater or lesser sensitivity of the Board, which does not provide the necessary resources, such as special monitors or specific classrooms in educational centers." And he has concluded, “in Andalusia, students with disabilities continue to be educated, distributing them to those centers that have resources. The PP will guarantee the free choice of center for people with disabilities and their families, providing all centers supported with public funds with the material and personal resources that respond to their needs and allow them to exercise their right to an inclusive and normalized education. ”.