• The popular Andalusian support the need for the "change budget", which increases investment and social policies
• They highlight the 8% increase in economic matters and 2% for Andalusian universities, without research projects in the last seven years.
The Deputy Secretary of Productive Sectors of the Andalusian Popular Party, Pablo Venzal, regretted that the PSOE Executive made "524 budget modifications" in the Andalusian accounts for 2017, of which "more than half did not carry the mandatory legal reports required by those modifications".

Venzal has informed that this is what the report of the Chamber of Accounts on the liquidation of the budgets for that year points out, assuring that the PSOE "painted some budgets that later looked very little like the reality of their execution because the greatest expense ended in personnel and current expenses”.

Faced with this, the PPA has defended the budgets of the Government of Change, which are "investors" for "the progress of Andalusia", as the parliamentarians Ramón Herrera and Rosalía Espinosa have also maintained,

Thus, Herrera explained that in terms of economics, investment rises almost 8 percent compared to the 2018 budgets, also highlighting the increase that "is around 2 percent" for Andalusian universities, where "in the last seven years no not a single research project of excellence has been called, because it was put in the budgets but it was not fulfilled”.
Herrera maintains that long-term debt should go to "investments" and not to "current expenses", emphasizing that "this Government is going to demonstrate efficiency in management by looking at every penny."

For his part, Espinosa has supported the commitment of the 2019 Andalusian budgets for agriculture, highlighting the "support" received by social agents and that they allocate items for "production improvements, modernization of farms, industrialization and for young farmers".

In addition, he has also valued the 2,25 percent increase in salaries for Andalusian doctors, the commitment to increase specialties in hospitals and the effort to save costs in renting judicial headquarters.