• Values ​​the "exercise of responsibility" carried out to lower taxes and create stable and quality employment
• Highlights that the Government of Change reduces indebtedness by more than 300 million and financial interest by 81 million compared to the previous year
The spokesman for the Treasury, Industry and Energy of the Popular Group in Parliament, Pablo Venzal, has defended in plenary session on the Budgets of the Board for 2019 that "we have been able to lower taxes, reduce indebtedness and spend more on essential services than the PSOE” when he was in charge of the Andalusian Government.

Venzal has thus exposed the "exercise of responsibility" carried out by the "calm and serene change" that Andalusia is experiencing with the Government of Juanma Moreno.

“We have been able to lower the inheritance and gift tax, to lower the personal income tax that affects 3,7 million Andalusians, to lower the transmission tax, to make the debt be placed at cheaper interest, and that an interdepartmental plan is made in the different ministries for the commitment to industrialization, what stable and quality employment”.

The popular parliamentarian has also defended the "savings in debt and financial interest" made by the Government of Change, which has been able to reduce debt by more than 300 million compared to the "4.976 million that the PSOE government requested in 2018 ” and that, likewise, it has lowered the financial interests of the previous socialist government by 81 million.