The Andalusian Parliament dressed up to host the XXIII Day of Education in Values, an event that combined sports, music and volunteering in a unique celebration of culture and solidarity. This year, the day was enriched with the presence of notable figures such as Manuel Díaz 'El Cordobés', who shared an endearing moment with two nuns from Madagascar, one of them elderly, demonstrating the universality of kindness and dedication.

In the festive atmosphere of the photocall, personalities such as Irene Villa, Pedro García Aguado, Roberto Leal, Sandra García-Sanjuán, María del Monte and Manuel Díaz 'El Cordobés', along with Virginia Troconis, shone with their presence. Their commitment to the values ​​of the day was reflected in every smile and pose, symbolizing the union of different spheres of society around a common goal: the promotion of values ​​through various cultural expressions.

The event was a melting pot of emotions and wisdom, where prominent guests such as David Otero, Emi Huelva and Borja Iglesias paid attention to the speeches and presentations. One of the most emotional moments was the presentation of the Silver Dove Award to María del Monte, who took advantage of the occasion to offer a moving speech about the power of love and the importance of compassion in everyday life.

María del Monte criticized the superficiality of certain modern concepts such as 'empowerment', arguing that true equality and empathy do not need labels or fads. Her speech, imbued with sincerity and experience, highlighted the need to prioritize feelings and compassion over competitiveness and mere knowledge.

Manuel Díaz 'El Cordobés' and Virginia Troconis also had their moment of glory, not only for their charisma and humor, but also for their visible commitment to the values ​​of the day. The bullfighter shared reflections on his family, his wife and the importance of values ​​and respect in raising children. Virginia, for her part, expressed her gratitude and humility upon receiving the award, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and mutual support.

The event was not only a showcase of celebrities and inspiring speeches but also a platform to underline the importance of human values ​​in all aspects of life. From respect and love to solidarity and empathy, the XXIII Day of Education in Values ​​in the Andalusian Parliament left a clear message: in an increasingly complex and challenging world, human values ​​must be the lighthouse that guides our actions and decisions.

The closing of the session of President Jesús Aguirre

The President of Parliament, Jesus Aguirre, was the protagonist of the closing of the session with some spontaneous words that drew applause from those attending this unique session and that were collected in This Video.